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6th Spanish Workshop in Nanolithography

Nanolito is the Spanish Network on Nanolithography. Nanolithography comprises the set of techniques allowing the creation of nanodevices based on top-down approaches and thus is a key element in Nanotechnology. In 2008, an application was approved by the Ministry of Science in Spain to form a national network on Nanolithography that would foster scientific exchange and knowledge transfer between the national agents in this field (research groups, institutions and companies). Nanolito aims to optimise and coordinate the use of the national scientific resources in the area of Nanolithography. The obtained funding has allowed the support of several activities since 2009, including the celebration of 2 summer schools in Jaca and 5 workshops, in Zaragoza (2007), Barcelona (2008), Madrid (2009), Oviedo (2010) and San Sebastián (2012).

The 6th Spanish Workshop in Nanolithography organized by Nanolito will be held in Zaragoza from 28th to 30th October 2014. The aim of this workshop is to strengthen the research in this field, sharing and exchanging the knowledge of the different Spanish teams working on this topic. Contributions from foreign laboratories are also welcome. The abstracts should be related to nanolithography; in particular the workshop will focus on:

  • Electron-beam lithography
  • Ion-beam lithography
  • Electron-beam and ion-beam induced deposition and processing
  • Nanoimprint and soft lithography
  • Local probe lithography
  • Self assembly
  • Physical and chemical devices requiring nanolithography
  • Industrial applications using nanolithography

The Scientific Program Committee of the 6th Spanish Workshop in Nanolithography is formed by Clivia Sotomayor (ICN2, Barcelona), José Luis Vicent (UCM, Madrid), Carles Cané (CNM, Barcelona), Ricardo Ibarra (INA, Zaragoza), Luis Hueso (Nanogune, San Sebastián), Albert Romano-Rodriguez (UB, Barcelona), Francesc Pérez-Murano (CNM, Barcelona), José Luis Prieto (UPM, Madrid), Santos Merino (Tekniker, Eibar), José Ignacio Martín (UNIOVI, Oviedo), José María De Teresa (ICMA, Zaragoza), Ricardo García (ICMM, Madrid).

The Organizing Local Committee of the 6th Spanish Workshop in Nanolithography is formed by José María De Teresa (Chairman), Ricardo Ibarra, Javier Sesé, Ana Isabel Gracia Lostao, Soraya Sangiao, Inés Serrano, Ismael Serrano, Laura Casado, Isabel Rivas, Teobaldo Torres, Rubén Valero, Mercedes Fatás, Susana Sangiao.

The supporting institutions of the workshop are: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, Universidad de Zaragoza and CSIC.

The supporting companies of the workshop are: FEI, Graphene Nanotech, Raith-Vistec and ZEISS.

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